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  • Auto-Tool Sense

    C-23, 24, 25 (Coliseum)
    Auto-Tool Sense is a competitively priced automotive parts and tool store. We offer a full line of automotive parts, tools and industrial supplies. Top quality parts at a fair price!

    Shop online at www.AutoToolSense.ca
  • Belterra Corp.

    H-39, 40 (Heritage)
    Belterra, Canada’s leading single-source conveyor service provider, you can work with confidence. From product recommendations to complete conveyor belt installation, conveyor alignment and repairs, pulley lagging, and rubber lining service has grown to be the cornerstone of our business.
  • Blue Heron Solutions

    H-15 (Heritage)
    “Specializing in the mining industry, Blue Heron Environmental is a company of professionals with extensive practical experience in assisting clients with the management of environmental, safety and regulatory risks”
  • Boyer Truck Sales

    O-14,15 (Outdoor)
    At Boyer Truck Sales, we know that trucking is serious business. We are one of North Western Ontario's leading full service Heavy Duty Truck Dealerships, specializing in Western Star and Freightliner trucks. Our Western Stars & Freightliners are built as if your living depends on it. Every truck is custom built to your unique specifications, ensuring its ability to perform well in any terrain, climate or application requirements.
  • Brock White Construction Materials

    H-25 (Heritage)
  • CAB Products

    PA-28 (Pavilion A)
    CAB Products is recognized for our high quality, cost-effective hangers used to improve safety and cut operating costs by supporting/organizing all types of hoses, pipes, and cables in mines, tunnels and construction areas. Through our product line, hundreds of disabled individuals foster their independence.
  • Canadian Bearings Ltd.

    H-41, 42 (Heritage)
    Peace of Mind with unique solutions in Maintenance, Repair and Operations – MRO.

    Our mission is to supply products and services that deliver greater safety, reliability, efficiency, and sustainability to industrial operations worldwide.
  • Canadian Trade Ex

  • Carpenters Union Local 1669

    C-60 (Coliseum)
  • CD Nova

    C-70 (Coliseum)
    MOXA manufactures robust, reliable, industrial-strength Network Infrastructure products, Computers, Edge Connectivity and Automation Solutions to facilitate safer and smarter workplaces in hazardous environments and uninhabitable terrains.
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