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  • Adria Power Systems

    C-47 (Coliseum)
  • Boyer Truck Sales

    O-14,15 (Outdoor)
    At Boyer Truck Sales, we know that trucking is serious business. We are one of North Western Ontario's leading full service Heavy Duty Truck Dealerships, specializing in Western Star and Freightliner trucks. Our Western Stars & Freightliners are built as if your living depends on it. Every truck is custom built to your unique specifications, ensuring its ability to perform well in any terrain, climate or application requirements.
  • Central Canada Industries Inc.

    C-61,62 (Coliseum)
  • Certarus Ltd.

    O-22 (Outdoor)
    Certarus is a leader in providing a fully integrated compressed natural gas (CNG) solution for the North American commercial and industrial markets. Our primary business is the creation of a “virtual Natural Gas Pipeline” through the compression, transportation and integration of CNG for the energy services, mining, forest and industrial sectors. Our solutions target diesel and propane fuel displacement projects to lower operating costs and reduce environmental impact.
  • Diamond Shelters/DPF Canada

    H-43 (Heritage)
    Diamond Shelter buildings are manufactured to CSA standards W47.1 & A660 and range from 15' to 160' wide, with many custom designs and lengths available. DPF Canada are distributors of DPF / DOC filters & Diamond Shelter buildings - which are widely used in the agricultural, commercial, industrial, and mining sectors.
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